Saturday, June 6, 2009


I've gotten several emails from people asking if the script is done. The answer is No. I'm not going to sit here and rattle off excuses. I haven't been slacking off, working in my garage or stalking my former agent.

Every day I get up, and I sit here in front of the computer. I play Vivaldi to loosen up my mind. I have a bowl of hot lemon water to loosen up my fingers. And then I write. And write. Read what I wrote. And write some more.

So why isn't the script done yet? They say writing is rewriting. I would like to attribute that quote to a specific person, but I'm not going to waste a nanosecond Googling it when I can be polishing and honing my baby.

I feel like I'm close though. This script will raise eyebrows. This script will be controversial. This script will burn bridges but it will also open doors, tear down walls and challenge the very fabric of how we think about cinema. I am in total harmony with my Higher Self, grabbing ahold of these intangible ideas that exist in the ether, and key stroke by key stroke bringing them into our physical plane of reality. I am a Mid-Wife to The Beast.

So get ready, 'cause it's coming...

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