Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Return of The Shroud

What a sonofabitch Fate can be. Five pages from finishing and I got hit with THE WORST god-DAMNED writer's Block (emphasis on the capital B) I've ever experienced. You may be wondering where I've been.

Well... they say the best cure is research. And I realized, how can I write a movie about The Shroud without actually viewing it? Touching it? So I've been in Rome for the last few months. Trip was supposed to take a week, but naturally some yo-yo at the airport forgot to stamp my passport so my ass has been stuck in Italy this whole time.

My ex-girlfriend's cousin studied abroad and stayed with this nice family in the countryside, and long story short, hooked me up with a place to live. No electricity. No phones, no where to recharge my laptop. Been milking cows till I have calluses on my palms (don't even think it).

But I'm finally home, and already wrote 1/2 a page on the flight home. Four and a half to go... Back with an update soon.

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