Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Shroud Graphic Novel

Like every other geek in the world, I am heading down to San Diego on Saturday to partake in the Nerd Prom, a.k.a. Comic Con. However, this year is going to be different because I'm not just going as a fan who's hoping to get his picture taken with Jessica Alba. This year I'm going as a bona fide Creator with a capital "C" because I'm going with my new graphic novel, the Shroud!

That's right, boys and ghouls, I figured with all the comics to film hullaballoo that's going on right now, the best way to ensure that the Shroud actually gets made into a film is if I turned it into a comic book first. So, that's what I have decided to do. I will bring the Shroud to life as a prestige format graphic novel. Of course, I don't have an artist, a publisher or even a completed script, but I don't think that matters. What's that old story about how Joe Eszterhas sold the idea for one of his movies on a cocktail napkin? I think that's how it works at Comic Con. I'm just going to go around to all the publishers like Marvel and DC and pitch them the high concept. I have no doubt that the publishers will see the untapped millions in merchandising that the Shroud offers. I've been hearing a lot about this dude, Jeff Katz and his company American Apparel. Maybe I'll try to hook up with him.

Look for me down there, guys. I'm the dude with the goatee and a shaved head to hide my male pattern baldness and I'll be wearing all black. I should be pretty easy to spot.



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